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ROOTS OF KOREAN Korean Red Ginseng Sliced

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Korean Red Ginseng Sliced

고려 홍삼 절편


ROOTS OF KOREAN brand was launched for high-end customers as premium 6-year-old red ginseng products. 6-year-old red ginseng has highest saponin content and nutrition level in its lifetime.

대한민국을 대표하는 프리미엄 홍삼 브랜드. 전통방식 그대로 만든 홍삼절편. 대한민국 전통 이미지를 살린 디자인.

AMM’s Check Point

  • 1
    CHEWABLE TYPE – Looking for a natural Korean ginseng? TOEUM Korean Red Ginseng is chewy and dried roots made naturally and deliciously, No artificial coloring, No artificial preservative.
    쫄깃하고 달콤하여 남녀노소 맛있게 즐길 수 있습니다.
  • 2
    HIGHEST QUALITY 6-YEAR KOREAN RED GINSENG – Our roots are grown in a special region of Korea with 1,500 years of history and tradition. Each root is hand selected carefully.
    엄선된 6년근 홍삼으로 만들었습니다.
  • 3
    EASY CHOICE OF HEALTH – You can enjoy the chewy taste with harmony of Korean red ginseng. Feel the unique taste and aroma of red ginseng.
    홍삼 본연의 향과 맛을 느낄수 있습니다.
  • 4
    직장인, 학생, 여행, 선물용으로 좋습니다.
  • 5
    Ingredients : Korean Red Ginseng 80%, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Oligosaccharide
    재료와 성분 : 홍삼(한국산), 과당, 올리고당
  • 6
    0.52 oz (15g) X 12 cases

AMM’s Tip

Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight and humidity.
직사광선 피하고 건냉서늘한 곳에 보관

About The Brand

As a meaning of TOEUM is Sound of Soil in Korean, we have been developed with sincere and honest farmer's mind in making health food and beverage of nature itself. And also we have been trying to be the honest maker as researching & developing and producing the best food with the strictest choosing of material under providing of reasonable price.

농업회사법인(주)토음은 엄선된 좋은 농/임산물을 가공하여 건강기능식품 및 건강보조식품을 제조/유통하고 있습니다. 특히, 토음은 홍삼, 마늘 등 최고의 특산물을 개발연구하고, 믿을 수 있는 원료를 선별해서 최상의 제품을 만들어가며 정직한 가격으로 신뢰받는 기업입니다.


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