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DAEHAK YAK-KONG Black Soymilk 5Pack
대학약콩두유 5팩

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Black bean milk


Yak-Kong is a Korean local black bean, and its name, which literally means medicinal bean in Korean, originates from having various medicinal properties. Yak-Kong Black bean milk is made of bean(Yak-kong) only from Jeongseon and Pyeongchang origin and is very famous for its premium quality. You can easily take the rich nutritional content of 130 ~ 140 grains of beans per pack by grinding only the whole black beans, not normal beans.

서목태라고 불리는 약콩은 예로부터 건강에 좋다고 알려졌습니다. 대학약콩두유는 대두를 넣지 않고 약콩만 껍질째 통째로 갈아 넣어 1포당 130~140알의 약콩의 풍부한 영양성분을 간편하게 섭취할 수 있습니다.

AMM’s Check Point

  • 1
    Studies confirmed that Yak-Kong has 1.5-3 times more anti-oxidant polyphenol compared to common yellow or black soybeans
  • 2
    No sugar, Free from chemical food additives
    설탕, 합성향료, 안정제, 유화제를 전혀 넣지 않았습니다.
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    Only 100% Korean non-GMO beans are used as ingredients, and zero-food additives ensure healthy bean milk with low calories (70kcal/pack).
    물 맑고 공기 좋은 강원도 평창, 정선에서 정성껏 키운 약콩을 직접 수매하여 생산합니다.
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    Seoul National University Quality Control & Certificates
    서울대 기술로 만든 그 유명한 대학두유
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    Ingredients : Bean milk (Black bean, Korea) 99.7%, Seaweed powder, Sea salt
    재료와 성분 : 원액두유 99.7% (약콩100%), 해조분말, 천일염
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    6.42 fl oz(190ml)/pack x 5 packs

AMM’s Tip

Shake before drinking
섭취전 꼭 흔들어 주세요.

Do not microwave
전자레인지에 직접 가열하지 마세요.

Drink as soon as possible after opening.
개봉후에는 냉장보관하시고, 가급적 빨리 드세요

Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight and humidity.
직사광선을 피해서 서늘한 곳에 보관하세요.

About The Brand

Daehakduyu has been producing Seoul National University brand bean milk as a subsidiary of Seoul National University.

대학두유는 서울대학교 자회사로 연구기반의 고품질 두유 브랜드를 생산하고 있습니다.

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